Guidelines and media kit

The brand guidelines define the terms and rules of use of the Samarcanda brand, in all its forms and declinations, online and offline.
The Samarcanda brand also carries with it the instructions relating to the semantics related to the narration of the marque. The document is a useful support for stakeholders wishing to deepen the essentials of the representation of the Samarcanda brand and for partners authorized to produce joint communication materials.
On this page you can also download a .zip archive containing the multimedia assets available to the press and partners in the conditions mentioned above.

The brand and its variants

Logos and figurative accessories

Joyner, Jo e Joyn Samarcanda

Samarcanda is accompanied by its own “galaxy” of logos and registered trademarks, each with its own identity and function in the context of corporate communication.
The use of related brands and their application rules, typography and semantics, is described in the final part of the brand guidelines.