A historic step

A CCNL (national collective labor agreement) expected 30 years

Fully fulfilling its duty as market leader, in May 2019 Samarcanda took a concrete and very im-portant step towards the enhancement of the figure of the entertainer, giving dignity and clear rules for the world of tourist entertainment. Samarcanda played a leading role in the drafting of the national tourism contract, the first National Collective Agreement in the entertainment sector.
The contract, in force until April 30, 2022, was signed by our company with Conflavoro PMI, promoter of the table, and the trade unions Fesica-Confsal and Confsal-Fisals.

Triple win factor

The immediate application of the national tourism contract by Samarcanda confirms the sensitivity of the Group to the issue of work and the guarantee of rights and duties, to protect the company itself and its customers. The hotel resorts in which the joyners work can in turn have a clear overview of their own rights and duties, of the suppliers and of the entertainment workers. From this point of view, the CCNL is a win-win-win factor for the entire market, which increases the quality of the work and services offered for all the players involved.

No grey area