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The training skills of Samarcanda

Thanks to its Academy and its permanent Training Centers, Samarcanda trains all tourism professionals for every level of specialization. The Samarcanda Training Centers form the teams intended for customer structures, but are available for specific training needs of third parties operating in the tourism sector.
Samarcanda provides its specialized entertertainers training in its own environments, enabled to provide theoretical and practical sessions, in partner structures or at the headquarters of the reality that requests it, where present.

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Samarcanda has always trained its resources in its entertertainer training centers, to transmit its style to the new generation and to constantly improve the profile of its collaborators.
Samarcanda training has become, over the years, an increasingly complex and complete activity, that has become a service offered to customers and partners. Samarcanda training does not only concern aspects related to entertainment or show, but is also aimed at the managerial levels of the companies that request it, with modules and courses dedicated to strategic aspects such as human resource management or communication.

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Ad hoc training solutions

The Samarcanda educational offer

Samarcanda training modules adapt to the needs of the reality that requires them.
To meet internal needs, Samarcanda provides in its permanent academies courses for sports instructors of different disciplines, management courses for young guests, courses in sales and administration techniques, guest relationship courses and also for audio / video technicians, scenographers, costume designers and performer.
Samarcanda also builds resource management, marketing and communication paths, for any type of audience, through the Joyner 4 Students and Joyner 4 Business programs, or by producing a personalized service.

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