May 1987

Joyner ante litteram

In 1987 the first Samarcanda team conveyed joy and happiness in a village on the Adriatic coast.In that year, in Italy, no one had this idea yet: to specialize in the production of shows and activities related to tourism.
In addition to maintaining its competitive advantage, Samarcanda has developed over the years a unique and recognizable style, both in the creation of shows and in the training of its teams.

A neologism is born

The Samarcanda brand has been able to exploit its advantage by consolidating and training internal resources and acquiring new ones from the outside, in order to distinguish its offer.
The emancipation from classical entertainment was formally crystallized many years later, when Samarcanda coined and registered the neologism Joyner, a term with which today the evolved entertainers, eclectic and aware professionals of art, communication and entertainment are defined.

Much more than entertainers

Distant and visible horizons

Samarcanda makes 100.000

On November 3, 2019 Samarcanda stages the show number 100,000 since its birth, and it does so aboard the Grimaldi Barcellona, in a party entirely dedicated to its guys.
An apparent point of arrival is for the company a moment of transit towards further evolutions and transformations, raising standards and moving the goal even further.